September 21-22, 2017


   Trade policy represents an important component of the economic policy of a state which also refers to its international economic relations and summarizes regulations (legal, administrative, fiscal, budgetary, financial, banking, currency, etc.), tools and measures of trade policy aimed at promoting foreign trade, stimulate and protect the national economy on competitive markets.

   Republic of Moldova's relations with the European Union are most often judged by the reforms. Therefore, we must relate to the Western economic theory and practice policies, as well to the processes and phenomena that represent the economic development in order to meet European integration aspirations.

   Republic of Moldova's trade regime is liberalized, inclusively on external markets, where export markets are also liberalized for the exports from Republic of Moldova. Free Trade Agreements - DCFTA, CEFTA, the NIS and the signing of the Free Trade Agreement with Turkey create multiple opportunities for development of foreign trade, export growth, a benefit for the efficient operation of the internal market and imply a gradual harmonization with EU norms and standards for trade, providing a favorable environment for business.

Conference objectives:

  • Identification of new opportunities in the development of trade relations in the context of Moldova's economic integration in the international economic cycle
  • Promoting trade policy by taking the best European practices from the field of competition
  • Development of quality infrastructure and enhance product safety
  • Development of research on trade and boost of the international cooperation in this context
  • Strengthening relationships between academic, business environment and government
  • Implementation of innovations in the educational process of initial and continuing learning.

Conference sections:

  1. Boosting the development of foreign trade in the context of the opportunities offered by trade regimes
  2. Harmonization of the national legislation to the European and international regulatory framework
  3. Development of quality infrastructure and consumer protection through Community practices
  4. Competition, economic development and management reengineering
  5. Development of domestic trade and consumer cooperatives in terms of contemporary practices
  6. Education and research - important pillars of sustainable economic development.

   Within the international scientific conference „Development of trade relations from the perspective of economic integration of the Republic of Moldova in the international economy”, there will be disseminated and validated scientific findings on the situation in the field of trade and competition, co-operatives sector, the development priorities of these fields, conducted under the institutional applied research project "Domestic trade and consumer cooperatives development in the context of economic integration of the Republic of Moldova in the European community".

  The conference is open to academics, scientific researchers, competent public authorities, representatives of the business community and students from the country and abroad.

The conference intends to have a long-term effect resulted in:

  • development of trade relations through continuous change process
  • identification of directions and strategies for continuous trade development by improving the economic relations to increase the impact on socio-economic evolution
  • creation of strong national and international partnerships between higher education and research institutions, businesses and authorities in order to explore the full potential of cooperation, to develop scientific research and to improve professional education according to the national economy needs.  

Conference materials will be published in a collection of scientific publications and most valuable articles will be published within journals "Journal of Research on Trade, Management and Economic Development" of TCUM ( or "Economics and Sociology" of the NIER (

Conference languages: Romanian, English.

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